Who said slaying was exclusive to runway walks or a Beyoncé music video?!

Here at Slay with Faye we find the everyday reason to slay! Whether it’s getting the kids to bed without tears, finally scoring the job you’ve worked so hard for, or enjoying 5 minutes peace with a glass of wine and a face mask, we celebrate all the ways we slay each and every day.

I have been slaying the mom game since 2007, ok, slaying might be a strong word, surviving maybe? I live in Livermore, California with my handsome hubby, 3 kids - my 4 year old mamas boy, 8 year old spunky girl and 14 year old daughter who will RARELY let me take her picture -  plus our old lady dog, who loves to swim and thinks she's still a puppy and 2 quarantine kittens. When I'm not helping entrepreneurs slay their businesses, I'm usually in a carpool line somewhere, cheering on my favorite soccer players, or "relaxing" by our pool while the kids try to splash me. I survive this crazy life with coffee or a glass of my favorite wine in hand and by prioritizing self care. No matter how small the act of self care may seem, I'll always advocate for others to do the same!

Now, who is ready to slay?!

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