Product Variant How To's

Product Variant How To's

There are little things you can do on your website that make a big difference in making it look professional and CONVENIENT for your shopper to use! One is to attach the correct photo to each variant (ie-if you have a gold and rose gold necklace sometimes It's hard to tell the difference so attaching the variant photo would have the picture of the product pop up when they select that variant). When people are used to shopping big websites like Amazon, Target, etc they get used to features like this. And though you might not think it's a big deal, THEY NOTICE!
Here's how you do it:
Go to the product page, select the variant you want to add a picture for, click the picture icon, select the correct photo for that variant (or upload a new one), hit done, then SAVE
To change multiple variant images at once you can use the check boxes on the side if you are selecting more than one variant and then select the photo as shown above
You can see the difference it makes 🙌🏼
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