Slaying With Faye

Have you ever had a job, an unspoken talent that was just a part of you? I am a
stylist. I have owned my own clothing boutique for 3 years now, but I have a side
gig to my side gig. In fact for as long as I can remember I’ve had this side gig.
Whether it was being a trusted confidant, “mom” to my high school friends, advisor
to my nursing school classmates or dating coach to my single friends, there has
always been one commonality to this free side hustle of mine,
the joy and fulfillment I get from helping others. 
So here it is, the culmination of my life purpose
to help other women. Because there is nothing
I love more than being part of
someone see a happier, more full version
of themselves when hey look in the mirror.
*Edit to add- well isn't life a funny thing, the boutique I owned and loved for so many years led me to designing websites and marketing. So I can take all the things I learned, my successes and failures, and help others grow their e-commerce brands!
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