5 ways to Re-engage Past Customers

5 ways to Re-engage Past Customers

Wondering where everyone went? Well stop wondering and start acting with our 5 tips for reengaging your customers

  • Get back to the root of it! Where did your customers find you? Was it Facebook? Instagram? Go back there and ramp up your interaction, make yourself visible to them by being there with them!
  • Email Marketing! You've made the sale, collected their email address, now what are you doing with it?! Slide into their inbox and get noticed again.
  • Provide Value! Make it worth the 'click'. Value doesn't have to be sales/discount based, it can be free for you, ie a style guide, 'how to', a recipe, etc. The value you provide should align with your brand and be something beneficial to your ideal customer!
  • RETARGET! You know when you feel like your phone is listening? It's because it basically is! Use it to your advantage, take the data your pixel & website are tracking and use it to run ads or create email funnels
  • Be Strategic & Consistent! Running a business isn't about throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping it'll stick. Make a plan, follow through and be consistent. You have unlimited resources at your fingertips with google, business buddies & our free resource group on Facebook, use them!!
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