5 Tips for Creating Your Products in Shopify

5 Tips for Creating Your Products in Shopify

Adding products into Shopify can be intimidating, and when not done right, create a mess in your store. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to a store that your customers love shopping!
  • Tag your Products! Use tags to sort your products automatically into the collections. Use simple, easy to remember tags, like the name of the collection and sub collection you want the product to sort into.
  • Use Consistent Variants! If a product comes in different variants (size, color, material, etc), don't use S, Sm & Small to describe the size small, instead pick one variant descriptor and stick to it for every product.
  • Crop your pictures! The cover photo will be the first picture in the product description, so make sure they are all cropped to be the same size for a clean look on the collection page.
    • Add personality! Product description not only helps SEO placement, it also offers your customers insight into your personality. So get creative, show who you are and always add a product description!
    • Stay Organized! Shopify offers lots of features within product creation to help you keep everything organized, like product weight (for shipping) and SKUs (for inventory storage). If you aren't sure what something means or does, try a quick google search so you can use each feature to its full potential!

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