Slay with Faye Tips & Tricks

Oct 14, 2021

Product Variant How To's

There are little things you can do on your website that make a big difference in making it look professional and CONVENIENT for your shopper to use! One is to attach the correct photo to each variant. Consumers see these features on big brand websites, and it may seem small to you, but THEY NOTICE when it's not available!

Sep 14, 2021

5 ways to Re-engage Past Customers

Wondering where everyone went? Well stop wondering and start acting with our 5 tips for reengaging your customers

Sep 10, 2021

5 Tips for Creating Your Products in Shopify

Create eye catching consistency in your Shopify Store with these 5 tips for adding products!

Nov 28, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide

Can't think of how to best serve your customers this holiday season? Here are some of my favorite holiday gift guide ...

Apr 25, 2020

Slaying With Faye

Have you ever had a job, an unspoken talent that was just a part of you? I am a stylist.
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